4 Fab Scalp Care Heroes for Summer

While most people remember to exfoliate their face and body in the summer months, many overlook another very important area, the scalp! Searches for #ScalpBuildUp remedies have soared in recent weeks, reaching over 20.6M views on TikTok – proving that our scalp is causing stress when it comes to our tresses.

Daily exposure to products containing irritants and environmental stressors, can lead to dry, itchy scalps and damaged hair. Whether we’re spraying, styling, or drying it, our hair goes through a lot, so a little extra scalp TLC can make all the difference.

Paying specific attention to your scalp in your daily hair care regime can help to remove impurities, in turn reducing excess oil, flakiness, and product build-up, and preventing your hair follicles from clogging. A clean, exfoliated scalp plays a vital role in achieving the appearance of super-soft and healthy hair, as well as creating the perfect environment to support hair growth. We love these four fab products!


Exfoliate away product build-up and revitalise your scalp and hair from root to tip with this sugar-based PURIFY:SCALP cleansing scrub. Infused with natural bergamot, black pepper and detoxifying volcanic ash, this pre-wash treatment will gently exfoliate away impurities, reducing excess oil, flakiness and product build up. Available from fforhair.com.


This FUL Scalp Massager is the tool for cleansing the hair and exfoliating the scalp. Use with your favourite shampoo for a deep clean and added foam, to maintain a healthy scalp and gorgeous hair. The handle makes it easy to grip when wet and the tips are made from a soft and malleable silicone for gentle and relaxing massage. Suitable for all hair types and coloured hair. Available from fullondon.com.

These can also be used alongside other hair heroes such as the ones below, in order to help your hair to look and feel its best during summer and onwards into the colder months ahead.


This soothing Shampoo & Conditioner bar is free from SLS and parabens, 100% soap free and ultra-mild making it gentle enough that it can be used daily by all hair type and on even the most sensitive of scalps. The Dr. Organic Aloe is a mild shampoo & conditioner bar infused with organic aloe vera and shea butter, formulated to gently cleanse and restore the scalp and hair.

Made with zero plastic and an average of over 35 washes (the equivalent to two standard 265ml bottles)with an average saving of over £3 and two fewer bottles of plastic used – this bar isn’t just kind to your pocket but to the planet too! Available from drorganic.co.uk.


Post-scrub, take your hair to its happy place. From a 3-minute condition to a deeper 20-minute treatment, immerse your tresses in Nature with Faith In Nature’s 99% natural origin vegan hair masks. They’re moisturising, free from parabens and SLS – and they smell wonderful. Choose from Hydrating Coconut & Shea, Nourishing Shea & Argan, Restorative Rose & Chamomile, Revitalising Dragon Fruit. Available from faithinnature.co.uk.

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