3 Stylish Garden Accessories I’m Loving This Month!

garden accessories

We are currently in the process of doing up our small courtyard garden here in Somerset. As part of our ongoing home renovation projects our aim is to find reasonably priced, yet stylish outdoor items that will allow us to make the most of our outdoor space and enjoy the sunshine. I’ll be sharing a few of my favourite finds each month with you right here.

garden accessories

One of the first things we did in the garden is to paint all of the wordwork, fencing and the annex with a modern Grey toned paint from Cuprinol. This meant that everything matched and although we worried that the colour would be a little dark, it created an opportunity to make a statement with some brighter summery accessories!

The next thing we knew we had to get hold of was a durable, hear-wearing and stylish garden table that wouldn’t take up too much space. We already have a set of four chairs here so the main goal was to find a table to use on our patio area to compliment these. Creating the perfect space on the patio to just sit out and have a morning coffee or relax and chat with friends was really important to us. Our garden is still taking shape but this stunning Forest Refectory Garden Furniture Table has been an absolute gem of a find so I just had to rave about it!

garden accessories

I have been creating Pinterest boards for our home and garden and one of the things I was keen to do, was ensure that we purchased some soft and cosy outdoor garden accessories. Cushions and blankets are perfect for adding a relaxing atmosphere to your outside area. My husband had seen me swooning over this gorgeous rainbow blanket in the shop one of our National Trust visits so he picked it up as a surprise for me! I will definitely be wrapping up in this one chilly evenings or using it as a picnic blanket!

I’ll keep you updated as we make more progress with the garden and will post some pictures here and on my Instagram so be sure to follow along for updates! If you can suggest any simple ways to brighten up a courtyard garden this summer do leave a comment or on IG.


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