Christmas Gift Guide: Fitness and Activity Gifts

Buying a Christmas gift for a fitness junkie can be difficult, as usual gifts like a nice bottle of wine or a box of luxury chocolates may not be the best choice. Whether a family member, friend, or your other half, here are some ideas to help you choose the perfect gift for the active person in your life. Simply choose one of these gifts for a Christmas present that any fitness enthusiast will love.

Fitness Watches

When Apple launched their watch, the popularity of fitness watches soared. Now there are hundreds of different options on the market, meaning there is a great option for everyone. Fitness watches come in at a variety of price points, from £50 to more than £200, and each offers different functions. To make sure you choose the best fitness watch, make sure to check if it has an app, exercise trackers and heart rate monitors.

Health Subscriptions

There are too many health subscriptions available to list here, but there are a variety of categories from which to choose. There are health food subscriptions, offering everything from high protein to vegan and paleo snacks, to specific sports subscription boxes for tennis, MMA, yoga and even wrestling. Alternatively, if you cannot find the right subscription box, you could pay for an exercise app or pay for their favourite classes. Whatever you choose, a subscription is a great gift as it will last for months after Christmas is over.

New Bicycle

Over the last few years, cycling has become increasingly popular, with more people choosing to hop on their bike for the daily commute. Cycling to work offers some great health benefits, including boosting happiness, muscle tone, and saving on travel. For a gift a commuting cycler will love, consider buying a Brompton bicycle. Brompton specialise in lightweight, foldable frames, making them perfect for a commuter, and they offer electric bikes, too.

Water Bottle

This may seem like a boring present idea, but technology has actually produced some great water bottles designed for those doing exercise. Better than using a standard plastic bottle (which is also bad for the environment), there are a huge variety of water bottles on the market, such as: insulated bottles to keep water cool, an outer grip layer so you can work up a sweat, a water filter to remove impurities, or an infuser to add a healthy fruity kick.

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