Christmas Cocktails With Black Cow Vodka

Black Cow Vodka makes for a gorgeous Christmas gift (thanks to its beautiful bottle) and is also great for indulging in those festive tipples and Christmas cocktails. Here are 3 festive recipes which will be sure to leave your guests feeling merry!

Christmas cocktails

Mooled Cranberry– Black Cow’s take on mulled wine has it all, fruitiness from the blood orange and cranberry, spice from the cloves and charged with vodka. Perfect for cold Christmas evenings.

40ml Black Cow
15ml Solerno
10ml Lime juice
80ml Cranberry juice
4 cloves

Put all ingredients into a milk frothing jug or small saucepan. Heat by steaming through, or with gentle flame, until the liquid gives a light vapour. Double strain into a tea-cup. Garnish with dried fruit slice.

Christmas cocktails

Nutty Cow – This warming tipple is the perfect blend of spiced apple and wonderfully sweet maple syrup combined with creamy Black Cow Vodka. As easy to drink as it is to make! To make this Nutty Cow cocktail at home, here is the recipe:

40ml Black Cow
5ml Amaretto
10ml Maple syrup
10ml Lime juice
80ml Apple juice
3 slices fresh ginger

Muddle the ginger inside a milk frothing jug or small saucepan. Add the rest of the ingredients, and heat gently by steaming through, or above a low heat, until a light vapour emits. Double strain into a teacup. Garnish with cinnamon stick.


Hot Honey Moo-n– Invented by Michele Reina of Skylon, London. Adapt a classic hot toddy to the festive season with this cosy fire-side serve. To make this Hot Honey Moo-n cocktail at home, here is the recipe:

50ml Black Cow Vodka

25ml Drambuie
15ml Briottet creme de peche
5ml Rich syrup
Tea: Fresh mint, green cardamom, star anis, lemon peel. Blaze first four ingredients and throw.
Serve in a tea cup, top up with tea.
Garnish with lemon peel and cinnamon stick.

Black Cow Vodka is the world’s first pure milk, crystal clear premium vodka which has been made purely from the milk of grass grazed cows in Dorset, England. It is a super premium vodka, distilled from the whey of milk and treated to a secret blending process created by dairy farmer Jason Barber. His inspiration came from a desire to diversify the produce from his 250 strong dairy herd and his personal interest in vodka.

Black Cow Vodka is available from:, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, and good independent retailers. RRP from £28.00.

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