Which Cooker Hoods are the Best for 2024?

If you’re looking to upgrade your cooker hood you might be researching the best cooker hoods on the market. In this case you’ve definitely come to the right place. 

Cooker hoods are not cheap so it’s important to make sure you choose the right one. Some of them are loud, inefficient and just not worth the money. A good cooker hood should be quiet, energy-efficient and effectively eliminate excess moisture and nasty smells from your kitchen. 

Let’s explore the best cooker hoods and find out what features you should be looking for when searching for a new extraction hood. 

Which are the Best Cooker Hoods for 2024?

So which are the best cooker hoods to buy in 2024? Here are some of the top models, selected by the experts at Modern Living Direct. 

Neff I97CPS8W5B Ceiling Hood

This fully automatic cooker hood takes control as soon as you turn on the hob. The cooktop-based control allows you to easily adjust the extraction level and lighting. With modern features such as Wi-Fi enabled hob controls, Home Connect compatibility and remote control functions, you can control the provided level of suction wherever you are. 

The Neff I97CPS8W5B is truly one of the best cooker hoods for the modern kitchen. 


  • 3 Power Levels & 2 Intense Settings 
  • Climate Control Sensor
  • Wi-Fi Enabled Hob-Hood Controls
  • Adjustable Colour Temperature (2.700 K – 5.000 K)
  • Home Connect Functionality

Hoover HHV97SLX Wizard Chimney Hood – Stainless Steel

The Hoover HHV97SLX Wizard chimney cooker hood provides the right combination of traditional design and modern features. Offering great performance with high extraction rates and low levels of noise this is the perfect choice for your kitchen. 

With supported Wi-Fi connection you can operate your cooker hood from anywhere in the house and access features like cut off timer, air wizard and light control. 


  • 4 Speed Settings
  • Electronic Touch Controls
  • LED Lights
  • Delayed Switch Off
  • Extraction and Recirculation Modes

Bosch DFS067A51B Telescopic Cooker Hood

This extra silent high-performance telescopic hood provides excellent suction with minimal noise. The two grease filter cassettes filter out over 85% of the grease from your kitchen maintaining optimal air quality, while the intensive speed setting allows you to quickly and efficiently get rid of strong smells.  

Suitable for ducted or recirculating installation, this Bosch cooker hood is truly one of the best telescopic hoods on the market.


  • 3 Power Levels & Intense Setting
  • Efficient BLDC technology
  • 2 Removable Grease Filter Cassettes
  • Soft Touch Button Control
  • 2 x 1,5W LED

Neff D51NAA1C0B Canopy Cooker Hood

Classic canopy design with modern functionality, this compact Neff cooker hood is ideal for every small kitchen. The high extraction rate guarantees continuously clean air in your kitchen, while the low-noise motor makes for quiet operation. 

This hood can be conveniently installed in a wall-mounted cupboard with the option for ducted or recirculating set up. 


  • 3 power levels
  • Slide control operation
  • Cabinet Installation
  • Metal Grease Filter Cassette
  • 2 x 3W LED Lights

Franke Smart Suspended Island Hood

Hanging from three wires, this Franke suspended island hood is sure to make a unique impression. With clean lines and distinguished shapes, this is one of the best cooker hoods for contemporary kitchens. Energy-efficient and easy to install and operate the Franke island cooker hood offers optimal convenience. 


  • 3 Speed + Intensive Setting
  • Noise level 68dbA – 73dbA
  • Suspended Installation
  • Push Button Operation
  • Plug in Carbon Filter


CDA EXG60BL 60cm Gesture Control Angled Hood

The CDA EXG60BL provides ultimate convenience with hands-free gesture controls, allowing you to adjust the fan speed or turn on the LED lights with the wave of a hand. The integrated timer setting also ensures your kitchen is completely clear of smells even after you’ve finished preparing dinner. 

This angled chimney cooker hood is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a conventional design with futuristic functionality. 


  • 3 Speeds & Intensive Setting
  • Gesture and Touch Control
  • Timer
  • LED Lights
  • Ducted/Recirculating Installation

Bosch DDD97BM60B Downdraft Hood

Remove odours quickly and effectively with this state-of-the-art Bosch downdraft cooker hood. Installed directly into your worktop, this cooker hood pops out with the touch of a button to provide extraction with an impressive rate of 530m3/h (750m3/h for the intensive settings). The silent motor provides maximum efficiency with minimal noise maintaining a pleasant kitchen environment. 


  • 3 Power Levels & 2 Intensive Settings
  • Suitable for regular or flush worktop installation
  • TouchControl
  • Rim ventilation
  • Saturation indicator for metal and charcoal filter

What Types of Cooker Hoods Are Out There? 

There are several different types of cooker hoods on the market in terms of design. Different manufacturers and retailers may have slight differences in categorising them, but generally these are the main types of hoods: 


Canopy cooker hoods are a go-to option for kitchens where space is at a premium. Due to their ease of integration they can be installed into an existing cabinet without taking up too much space. 


The chimney style cooker hood features a wider bottom section and a chimney that goes up to the ceiling, concealing the ducting. Chimney hoods can be either traditional downward pointing or angles. This type of cooker hood is more suitable for bigger kitchens. 


Island hoods as the name suggests, are designed to sit above your kitchen island which means they take up considerably more space. They are installed directly to the ceiling, which is why retailers also call them freestanding. If you want an island cooker hood, keep in mind that you would need an ample amount of space. 


For a contemporary, minimalist look downdraft hoods are a brilliant option to consider. This relatively new addition type of hood, hides away behind your worktop or hob and with the press of a button rises up to provide extraction and get rid of nasty smells.  


An integrated cooker hood is the perfect choice if you don’t have a lot of space to work with and want a cooker hood that looks more discrete. Usually, this type of cooker hood is on the smaller side, which makes it suitable for both standard-with and slimline cookers or hobs. 


A lot of retailers refer to canopy hoods with extendable telescopic sections as telescopic hoods. These hoods are normally designed to provide a bigger extraction surface area. 


This is the most common cooker hood design, which is why visor hoods are often also called conventional hoods. They usually fit on the underside of a kitchen unit at a right angle with the wall. Like integrated and canopy hoods, they are a good option for smaller kitchens with limited space. 

What Features Should a Good Cooker Hood Have? 

Although cooker hoods are not particularly complicated in their function, there are a few important features to look for when shopping: 

  • Accessible Controls – Many cooker hoods have control buttons on the inside or under the hood. For ease of use, opt for a hood with a control panel on the front, or even better remote control options.   
  • LED Lights – LED lights are another must have in a good cooker hood. They can help you see better while cooking and provide mood lighting in your kitchen. If possible it’s best to choose a hood with quick-release lights which are easier to change. 
  • Variable Speed – Generally cooker hoods have three speeds as standard, however, if you regularly have to deal with strong-smelling foods, you might want to consider a hood with a short high-power function. This will allow you to quickly clear any odours or steam. 
  • Delayed Off-timer – A delayed off option is fantastic as it means your cooker hood will continue running even after you have finished cooking and turn off automatically after 15 to 30 minutes, completely getting rid of vapours and condensation. 

Do I Really Need a Cooker Hood?

We understand that a good cooker hood can seem like a pricey investment. Many people choose to stick with the age-old trick of opening the windows when cooking and while this can be moderately effective it doesn’t fully get rid of the grease, steam and odours in your kitchen. 

Particularly in winter, high humidity caused by steam is likely to condense on your walls leaving damp patches that can cause mould. Not to mention the airborne grease that can settle on your worktops leaving a sticky, unpleasant layer of dirt. 

Cooker hoods are made to serve an important purpose and should not be overlooked. An open window would simply not capture as much of the steam or odours as a cooker hood.

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