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LUSH Oxford Street

It’s not too often that we get in to London. Being Somerset based and suffering from various autoimmune disease issues means that it’s a bit of a trek to do regularly. However, at the weekend we decided that a little trip was most definitely in order and so myself, my husband and our 14 year old daughter made our way into London. One of the first places we found ourselves at just had to be the LUSH Oxford street.

We picked up quite a selection of goodies, we were aiming to get a mainly LUSH Oxford Street exclusive products but I think we ended up with a mix of new launches, Lush Oxford Street exclusives and some other products too. Take a look at what we picked up below!

LUSH Oxford Street

The store was really busy, but we still managed to take a really good look around everything. We were advised by the staff to check out the centre table upstairs if we were looking for the products that were more exclusive to the LUSH Oxford Street store. There was a big table with loads to choose from as well as the entire store being packed, wall-to-wall with the full product selection. Heaven for any LUSH fan!

LUSH Oxford Street

One of my favourite products that we picked up was this LUSH Cyanide Pill. It not only looks amazing, but it smells great too. This would be perfect for a refreshing bath on a summer’s morning!

LUSH Oxford Street

We picked up the LUSH Yellow Submarine bath bomb as it was one of the new LUSH additions and we hadn’t tried it yet. It looks super cute and I love the tagline “we all bathe in a yellow submarine”  – LUSH really do know how to add an element of fun into their products!

lush guardian of the forest

The Guardian of the Forest bath bomb is a magical looking bath bomb that turns your bath sparkling green and leaves a refreshing scent. My daughter used this in her bath last night and absolutely loved it!

LUSH Oxford Street

Sacred Lotus is a LUSH Kitchen exclusive and it looks like it will make your bath look absolutely beautiful when that purple and yellow mix together! Peach, white Jasmine and tonka scented.


We chose a small selection of the bath oils. These were really slippery and delicate so we didn’t want to try and bring too many home with us. This Grass bubble bar looks awesome too!

furzy lush

The LUSH Furze bath oil looks amazing and I love the delicate little flowers it is adorned with! This would make for a luxurious bath time.

We got so many more bits but I think you get the general idea. In short, if you are a LUSH fan then you absolutely need to head into the LUSH Oxford Street store on your next trip to the city. It is well worth it!


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