Kypris Pot Of Shade Review: Heliotropic Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen and Primer

Kypris Pot Of Shade Review

Kypris is a company which prides itself on using sustainably sourced and organic ingredients for the entire product range and also that 100% of the product’s formulations are created with only the finest natural ingredients. They are also vegan friendly and proudly celebrate the fact that they do not test on animals. The company’s name is derived from the Cypriot’s name for the beautiful goddess Aphrodite, Kypris from the home which they shared.

Kypris Pot Of Shade Review

The Pot Of Shade: Heliotropic comes in a 27ml Glass Jar and is the perfect summer addition to all handbags! It gives an instant translucent and gentle sun protection for your skin. Simply apply liberally to the face before sun exposure and repeat every 2 hours throughout the day. The cream can be used with or without cosmetics as it also primes the skin ready for make-up, without reducing the effectiveness of the SPF. With ingredients such as Sweet Iris Stem Cells which help to plump the skin and Sea Algae to hydrate the skin; this truly is a natural way to protect and improve your skin.

Kypris Pot Of Shade Review
I decided to try this product yesterday whilst we were having glorious bank holiday weather, which made a nice change! The cream is easy to apply and leaves skin looking fresh and radiant. I put aside my foundation for the day and felt happy in the fact my skin looked naturally glowing and summer ready. We had a glorious day of 26 degrees so I generously applied the cream and went for a walk in the sunshine.

After just short of 2 hours walking in relative heat I was expecting to return to the car with a flushed appearance, however this was not the case my skin still looked and felt smooth, fresh and radiant. There were also no signs of sun damage (redness or burning) which could have been expected for being in the countryside for an unusually hot and long period of time.

You can find this phenomenal product at and in Selfridges!

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