Cider and Champagne Cocktail | Our Thatchers ‘Hedgerow Spritzer’ Recipe

Cider and champagne cocktail

With summer on the way, we wanted to show you a quick and easy drink that is perfect for those upcoming garden parties and BBQ’s. With a little imagination and creativity you can easily create a classy and sophisticated cider and champagne cocktail that combines the refreshing and fruity taste of a great quality cider like Thatchers, along with a crisp and refreshing Champagne.

champagne and cider cocktail

Being based in Somerset ourselves, it’s safe to say that we’re definitely no stranger to a cider or two! Thatchers cider is actually made fairly nearby to where we live. Myrtle Farm is in Somerset – smack bang in the middle of cider country! They started making cider back in 1904, and four generations later the Thatcher family is still at the heart of Myrtle Farm.

thatchers cocktail

Our cocktail draws inspiration from the Thatchers ethos and how they grow and pick their fruit. They place huge importance on the quality and variety of apples that their cider makers use. This means that each cider has its own individual character.

Cider and champagne cocktail

Our Thatchers ‘Hedgerow Spritzer’ Cider and Champagne Cocktail

Our ‘Hedgerow Spritzer’ Cider and Champagne cocktail is inspired by our long and rambling walks in the Somerset countryside, foraging the luscious hedgerows for juicy fruits. Our cider of choice was Thatchers Katy – This single variety cider is crafted from the finest Katy apples. Light, crisp and softly sparkling, with a long smooth flavour, this medium dry cider has light strawberry notes. It is the perfect spring or summer tipple! You can enjoy a delicious Thatchers Katy cider on its own, or why not recreate our stylish and refreshing Hedgerow Spritz by following a few simple steps below.

We think that this would make a fun and sophisticated garden party/BBQ friendly drink or even a wedding cocktail!

champagne and cider cocktail

Recipe & Method: It’s super simple!

Fill the glass with a mixture of 2 parts Thatchers Katy cider to one part Champagne or Prosecco of your choice.

Add a splash of cranberry juice.

Add a handful of ripe and juicy blackberries, raspberries and strawberries and slices of red apple.

Stir and enjoy!

Disclaimer: please note that some items featured have been provided on a review basis. This article has been sponsored by Thatchers.

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