Break your Resolutions in Epic Style with Branston’s Broken Resolution Sandwich


Friday 17th January is officially ‘Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day’ – the day when most Brits will finally have had enough of their pledges and relinquish their New Year’s resolutions.

To make the occasion truly memorable, Branston is helping Brits ditch their resolutions in the most decadent style with a taste-bud tantalising treat to wow the senses. Introducing the Branston Broken Resolutions Sandwich – the ultimate deep-fried cheese, glazed ham and Branston Pickle sandwich – served exclusively from 17th-19th January.

For one weekend only, Branston has crafted this heavenly combination in collaboration with top chefs at The Cheese Bar in Camden – whose mission it is to celebrate the best of British cheese. This divine sandwich allows cheese and pickle enthusiasts to break multiple resolutions in one lip-smacking bite!


The tempting Branston Broken Resolutions sandwich is an unmissable British take on an Italian classic, “Mozzarella en Carrozza“. It’s filled with the perfect pairing of oozing smoked mozzarella from La Latteria, layers of luscious Crown & Queue Glazed Ham, and brimming with the hero ingredient – the nation’s favourite sandwich filler, Branston Pickle – to reach the pinnacle of perfection!

In case that winning combination wasn’t enticing enough, the scrumptious sarnie is then encased in crunchy breadcrumbs, coated in an extra helping of Smooth Branston Pickle, and deep-fried until warm, gooey and golden. What better way to mark the end of people’s 2020 healthy eating regimes than with a mouth-watering Branston, cheese and ham toastie of epic proportions?

If you’re not satisfied that this top-notch toastie has only broken your healthy eating and Veganuary resolutions, then Branston and The Cheese Bar also invite you to end your Dry January run by pairing your sarnie with a chilled pint of Four Pure Brewery Basecamp Pilsner. You can thank us later!

There are cheese and ham ‘toasties’, and then there are BRANSTON, cheese and ham toasties – the ultimate winning combination. Loved by generations of families, this iconic tangy and crunchy sandwich filler – available in Original, Smooth and Small Chunk – continues to inspire the nation to ‘Bring out the Branston’ to create delicious twists on the classic cheese, ham and pickle sandwich.

The Cheese Bar will serve the Branston Broken Resolution Sandwich from the 17th to 19th January 2020 at their Camden Stables restaurant – get yours quick while stocks last! The sandwich is priced at £8 and with the beer pairing for £12.95. To book a table, please visit

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