Awesome Distractions That Are Currently Keeping Me Sane (Ish!) During Lockdown

With the covid-19 lockdown set to continue for a few more weeks (at very least) I’m not ashamed to say that I have been a little less productive than usual. With my job being predominately based online, everyone I work with is also in the same boat. It has become quite challenging to plan content and interact with brands and we’re all thinking outside the box a little more. My husband also works in retail as a manager for Argos and has been deemed an essential service. This means that we are all working around his busy schedule as well as doing our best to keep ourselves and others safe. How strange does it feel that this is becoming the new ‘norm’ for so many of us all as the lockdown continues?…

I’ve been keeping in touch with friends and family and have managed to keep some work based productivity going too. However here are a few little distractions that are keeping me sane (ish!) as we navigate our way through these uncertain times. Hopefully they might appeal to you too!


Making healthy drinks and snacks for the family

Whilst I may be enjoying over-indulging in comfort food and booze like it’s the Christmas holidays, I’m also trying to balance that out with some healthier snacks and drinks. My favourite way to start the day is with this ginger and lemon shot which is great for giving the immune system a zingy kick when you wake up. I’ve been drinking mine topped up with hot water but you can also just take a shot sized amount each day if you’d prefer.

Becoming obsessed with Schitt’s Creek on Netflix

I’ve been meaning to watch this show for ages and had never quite found the time to binge-watch it. Thanks to being on lockdown I’ve been able to ‘invest’ (let’s call it that shall we?) some time into starting new shows and I’m here to tell you that Schitt’s Creek is an absolute joy. I’ve become obsessed with all of the characters, and am already two episodes into season 5 which is the last season currently available on Netflix. I think there’s then a 6th season and a documentary. My heart is not ready to say goodbye to this show yet though.

Schitt’s Creek is the perfect mix of hilarious antics and genuinely heart-warming moments that you often don’t even see coming. It’s the ideal show for lockdown viewing and I defy you not to come out of the first season quoting Moira, Alexis or David during your own everyday life. Love that journey for you!  

handmade cards

Running our online store VeraLaLune

Some of you may already know that we design and print our own hand-made stationery here in our Somerset based family home. Myself, my husband and even my teenage daughter all play a part in the creation, packaging and printing of these sweet little greetings cards that are hopefully helping to brighten people’s day at the moment.

Designing, printing and packing each little card up is very therapeutic and we’ve had some lovely messages from customers which makes it all worth while. It’s definitely keeping my mind off of things a little and I’m happy that in some small way we can brighten people’s day. If you’d like to take a look visit:

Buying into the Animal Crossing hype

When I first saw the Animal Crossing game I was absolutely bemused. “Is this game for 5 year olds or adults?” I queried, openly mocking those around me who were already playing it. Then the tables turned in spectacular fashion. After having a quick go and getting barely half an hour in I soon realised that I too was now fully obsessed. Obsessed to the point where my husband was so worried that I would spontaneously combust without that sweet sweet game in my twitchy little hands, he immediately ordered me a Nintendo Switch as an early birthday present.

I now spend my days  on my island ‘Luna Bay’ collecting tiny bugs in flimsy nets and building homes for my strange little residents. I’ll be 38 years old in a few days folks. Let’s all let that sink in for a moment shall we?

In all honestly, Animal Crossing is super cute and a great way to disconnect from what’s happening in the real world. You can go and chill at the museum with ‘Blathers’ and stare at all of your beautiful butterflies or take on some quests. Island life is based in real time and you can also visit friends and family’s islands. I’m finding it quite relaxing and I know I’m not alone in the hype….phew!

I’ll be sure to post some more updates with my lockdown distractions and don’t forget to message me here or over on Instagram @LifeStyleLinked and let me know what you’re up to.

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