Ways To Use Mirrors to Make Your Space Look Bigger

large round mirror

There’s no place like home … unless it’s crowded. Although you need more space, bigger isn’t necessarily better, so making structural solutions isn’t the answer. Choose less bulky furniture to make your space inviting, and decorate with bigger but fewer items. For example, putting some mirrors will instantly make the home look more spacious. Mirrors trick the eye into thinking there’s more space than it really is, and the optical illusion occurs as they reflect the light and colour across the room. 

Before hanging mirrors left, right, or centre, there are some rules to bear in mind. Here’s what to do to add some pzazz to your small place.  

Fix The Blank Space Above Your Bed

You’ve got a headboard and an abundance of pillows on the bed. But what about the space between the top of your headboard and the ceiling? It’s tricky to decorate, as it can make or break the bedroom scheme. A mirror is a fantastic idea for a dark space because it bounces back light, increasing the general brightness of the room. A contrasting frame will bring attention to the mirror and add visual interest if positioned across an intriguing décor. Hang a dark frame against a light wall or the other way around. Opt for a more delicate mirror as a safety precaution. 

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to get an acrylic mirror to break or crack, so get one if you live in an earthquake-prone area. Use an oval, hexagon, or diamond mirror to make your bedroom look modern and cool; it can impact how it’s perceived. An acrylic mirror weighs about half as much as a glass mirror, so you can install it yourself. If you have small children or pets, use acrylic mirrors around the home due to their shatterproof properties. Getting back on topic, if your bed is on the north side of the room, having a mirror right above it will attract positive energy. 

Pair A Mirror with Candlelight 

A mirror is a fantastic accent piece for the dining room. Not only does it give it a designer touch, but it also has benefits, according to Feng Shui. Arranging decorative objects enhances the flow of your home. Make sure the mirror reflects the things you want more of, such as candlelight – in other words, consider your intent for the mirror to amplify the effect of Feng Shui. Even if mirrors make a big impact, they’re surprisingly rare in dining rooms. But that doesn’t mean you should forget about the tried-and-tested mirror. Adding a mirror (or two) will give the interior a cheerful and spacious vibe, so create a perspective-boosting illusion. 

Fill The Alcove

The fireplace is the only place to put the TV or squeeze in a book collection. If you’re lucky enough to have a home with interesting architectural features, get a little bit more creative with your alcove and maximise each inch of space. Here’s an idea for filling this elegant space: install a mirror. Placing a mirror above the fireplace adds instant glamour while maximising the sense of space, so it’s perfectly desirable. If you know you don’t need to use the mantlepiece for storage, install a mirror for a gentler, warmer feel. A carefully placed mirror will echo greenery into the room, helping you bring the outdoors inside.  

The size of the mirror should be two-thirds of the width of the frame surrounding the fireplace. If you hang the mirror vertically, the wall will appear taller, so you can use the placement to elongate the room. A round mirror is an excellent choice because it adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, but no matter the shape you decide to go with, ensure the width is at least 2/3 of the mantel. An acrylic mirror can be cut into any size and shape. You can make your own acrylic mirror, in case you didn’t already know; it’s inexpensive and easy to hang. You can find acrylic sheeting at Plasticsheetsshop.co.uk, which provides bespoke products to suit your specific needs. 

Have A Mirror in Your Entryway 

If you have a mirror facing the front door, the mirror will enhance the light and create a spacious foyer. Simply put, it’s a great way to increase the amount of natural light, no matter how gloomy the sky is, but consider the light source and how it will make your space feel. Placing a mirror in your entryways adds depth and a sense of completeness. Your guests will love it if the mirror reflects the interesting angles or spaces of the home; this effect is hard to achieve, though. Most importantly, a mirror in the entryway helps you take one last look before you’re out the door. Does everything fit properly? 

Mirror The Wall 

If you have a large blank wall space and don’t know what to do with it, hang an oversized mirror to create a visually proportionate setup. The mirror should be at least one-half as tall as the wall (it’s high enough for you to see your entire reflection). Needless to say, you can make a statement with a mirror with a unique frame, evoking personality in the space. Not only does the mirror make the place appear larger, but it also doubles as artwork, creating a focal point. The mirror will look like an original piece that came with the home. If you’re not quite sure buying a large mirror is a good idea, go over the benefits one more time and reach a decision. 

In conclusion, adding a couple of mirrors to your home is a fantastic way to increase its square footage, so if you feel your walls are closing in on you, you know what to do. The bigger the mirrors, the more space they’ll appear to create. The mirrors should come with attractive framing that will suit the overall look of the home, such as dark wooden frames that give a refined look. Owing to scientific advancement, there are several alternatives to glass. Acrylic is one of them. It functions much the same as glass, but it’s less likely to break.

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