My Serenity Moment With Yankee Candle

I was recently challenged by the lovely folk at Yankee Candle to come up with a feature on my ‘serenity moment’ as a fun way to take a look at their new My Serenity fragrance collection. So here’s a little bit about what brings a moment of serenity to my life and why. I would love to hear your comments on what your own serenity moment is and what you think of the new Yankee Candle fragrance collection.


So, my serenity moment is inspired by a cosy night in with some classic books. I’m a bit of a literary geek and am particularly obsessed with The Great Gatsby. I also have a major weakness for all things Jane Austen related. Jay Gatsby and Mr Darcy, yep – I’ll take them both please! Great Expectations by Charles Dickens is another of my all time faves, the fantastically eerie Miss Havisham always draws me back to this classic tale, time and time again.


Curling up with a good classic gives me time to relax, reharge my batteries and escape from the stress and strain from daily life. I suffer from various autoimmune diseases which mean that I can get really tired, really quickly so a cuppa and a good read in the evening is a fab way for me to try and break through those moments of stress and pain. Even better if there’s a Yankee Candle burning away in the background to create a calming atmosphere and a serene scent.

yankee candles

The My Serenity fragrance collection consists of 4 fragrances. Moonlight is my absolute favourite – probably due to my obsession with anything related to the moon and the night sky. It also helps that it smells absolutely heavenly! Lemongrass and Ginger is bright and invigorating, My Serenity is (as the name suggests) calming and relaxing whilst Peony is wonderfully floral and light.

yankee candles

So tonight I’ll be mostly found curling up in my cosiest of pj’s with one of my favourite books, a cuppa (in my Jane Austen quotes mug of course) and a Yankee Candle flickering away in the background. The perfect way to relax, recharge and grab that ultimate moment of serenity. The My Serenity fragrance collection is out now and available from

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