Gift Idea: Clive Sefton Original Artwork

Clive Sefton

If like me you have a person who is tough to buy gifts for at this time of year look no further than Clive Sefton – he produces a range of hand crafted wordsearch-art, which is both beautiful and thought provoking.

You provide the studio with your words and Clive Sefton hand makes your words into gorgeous art.

We have one of these fantastic works of art on our living room wall, it was created to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. When we have visitors they are first taken in by its charm and looks but then spend the rest of the evening trying to locate all the words that my husband and I chose (50 in total, 25 each, every word of which were a mixture of personal to both of us or to our lives as single people before we married).

They are fantastic unique gifts and look amazing when hung on the wall.

Check out Clive’s site HERE

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