Upcycle a jam jar in 9 Simple Ways

Upcycle a jam jar

Jam jars come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colours and weights. If you’re guilty of chucking away your jars after scooping out the last of their contents, the team over at FourWalls are here to show you what you can do with the humble jam jar to extend its life expectancy.

upcycle a jam jar

Images: 1. Chandelier 2. Herb garden 3. Lid décor 4. Outdoor lighting 5. Party cups 6. Ingredients jar 7. Storage units 8. Tea light holders 9. Vases

1. Shining chandelier
There’s plenty of scope for personalisation with this inexpensive lighting solution. For a simple design, stick with the same type of jar throughout. If you’re looking to mix it up and create something a bit more quirky and out there, consider playing round with the size, shape and colour of jars. Take care when working with glass and make sure you let the bulb cool properly before you remove it from its original fitting.

2. Hassle free herb garden
Decorate your jars to make them dazzle, whack on some labels and harbour your herbs in your recycled jam jars. To ensure there’s enough space for your herbs to grow, larger jars are best.

3. Liven up your lids
Who said anything about using the whole jar? From Christmas tree decorations and bunting, to wall hangings and cute animal faces, you’d be surprised by how much you can do with the modest lid.

4. Lovely outdoor lighting
Perfect for those late summer nights spent lounging in your garden. All you need is a collection of jars and some fairy lights and the job’s a good’un. If you want to bring an array of colours to your backyard, use different coloured jars to stuff your lights into. You may need to use some additional wire to ensure your lights can take the weight of the glass jars.

5. Personalised party cups
We say party cups, but there’s no reason they can’t be utilised every day – handle or no-handle. For a themed party you could accessorise your jars with all sorts. For everyday use, a simple ribbon might do.

6. Ingenious ingredients jar
The possibilities are endless. From simple, staple produce such as sugar, teabags and coffee, to cookie and cake recipes, you can stock old jars with just about anything. With a minimalistic ribbon or bow, they could even be used as the base of a present if you’re gifting someone with the means to make a delicious dessert.

7. Stylish storage
Storage doesn’t have to stop in the kitchen. From crafts equipment and sewing gear to bathroom items – such as cotton wool buds and balls, and make-up essentials, there’s endless items you can stow away in used jars. For a refined look, consider decorating your lid or wrapping a ribbon around the jar to tailor it to your tastes.

8. Ambient indoor lighting
Instead of putting your hand in your pocket for a new tea light holder, get crafty and create your own! From lacing and ribbon to buttons and gems, the decorative possibilities are plentiful.

9. Fabulous flower vases
It’s probably not ideal for blooms that are too tall or heavy, but it’s the perfect pot for petit flowers. Hint: if you want to create a vibrant vase like in the example above, you can inject instant colour into your jars by coating the inside with a layer of paint for a glistening finish.

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