Top trends from London Fashion Week 2017

London Fashion Week

Teatum Jones. Marta Jakubowski. Eudon Choi. Jasper Conran. Paula Knorr. Simone Rocha. Burberry. Mulberry. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This year’s London Fashion Week (LFW) boasted a string of stellar names and more than 5,000 guests swarmed to the capital to get a glimpse of the action. If you weren’t there (like most of us!), we’ve picked out some key takeaways to keep you on top of your fashion game.

Armed with fresh ideas, Christopher Kane stole the show for many treating guests with unique foil prints, hyper-embellished pockets and stilettos with padded foam panels.

A common theme across Joseph’s line was oversized knitwear. Oversizing can be tricky to pull off. Evidently, there was methodology behind Joseph’s oversizing ratio.

While Margaret Howell showcased how effective simplicity can be with a notable trench coat and trainers combo, Erdem stuck to what he does best with outfits oozing intricate detailing and intense workmanship.

Peter Pilotto went where many don’t dare: clashing. Pairing a blush pink velvet top with striking red flares, he proved clashing colours can work in harmony.

Elsewhere, J.W. Anderson took texture, pattern and shape creativity to the next level. Who’d have thought ostrich feathers, a floral dress and high top trainers would work so well?

A little black dress is no stranger to a woman’s wardrobe, but not many would have thought to fashion it the way Gigi Hadid did. Coupled with biker boots and smudged, dark eyeshadow, Gigi put an alternative twist on a staple item.

Puffed sleeves, delicate embroidery, glitter and off-kilter colour collections also hit the headlines.

London Fashion Week Street style winners

Vinyl trousers might not be your first thought when it comes to street style, but paired with a flamboyant knitted top and chunky coat, Camilla Charriere showed they’re a street-wear must.

If you’ve got a basket bag hidden at the back of your wardrobe, you’ll be pleased to know it needn’t be a summer-specific accessory any longer. Irina Lakicevic – Editor in Chief at Mint Magazine – fashioned her basket bag superbly in the city with a knee-length trench coat.

Dame Natalie Massenet brought an element of the army to her outfit with a military-inspired Burberry jacket. Coupled with plain black trousers, white shirt and patterned, low heels, she took to the streets of London looking seriously stylish.

On the same oversizing wavelength as Joseph’s range, Florrie Thomas – Junior Fashion Editor at Harper’s Bazaar – experimented with oversized flared trousers, partnered with a white blouse and skinny, cropped jumper. Turns out the experiment went well. Very well.

Revive your wardrobe

It’s safe to say not all of the outfits donned during London Fashion Week are, well, something you’d want to wear in public. If you’re looking for some of the fashion industry’s next big trends, we’ve summed them up for you.

1) Say goodbye to grey, colour blocking is on the horizon.
2) Jospeh’s models strutted the catwalk in oversized knitwear, and we expect they’ll hit the streets.
3) Knitwear isn’t the only item being enlarged either. Super sized earrings (not quite Pat Butcher style!) will be making a comeback.
4) Even if you don’t live within 50 miles of a patch of grass, you might want to start dressing like you do. Country checks are set to be super stylish.
5) We’re already seeing a lot of tops featuring slogans about just about anything, and this trend doesn’t look like it’ll be stopping any time soon.
6) Release your inner flower and get on the floral hype!
7) Last but not least, with puffed up sleeves, stunning patterns and detailed lacing, folklore blouses are in line to steal the fashion scene.

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