Tim Hortons UK Stores Are Coming!

Tim Hortons UK

Tim Hortons UK Stores Are Coming! In the year of Canada’s 150th anniversary, Tim Hortons® is opening its doors in Great Britain to bring its signature coffee, delicious food and Canadian charm nationwide in 2017. The first location on Glasgow’s Argyle Street will open in May, followed by 12-month rapid expansion into other major regional cities.

Tim Hortons UK

An iconic Canadian brand, Tim Hortons® was founded in 1964 by its namesake, a well-known professional ice hockey player, who wanted to create cafés where everyone would feel at home. Since then the brand has grown to become an ingrained part of Canadian culture, with locations in nearly every Canadian small town and city. Eight out of 10 cups of coffee sold across Canada are served at Tim Hortons®, and more than 5.3 million Canadians, approximately 15 per cent of the population, visit Tim Hortons® daily.

Tim Hortons UK

Tim Hortons UK Stores

Coinciding with this year’s celebration of the Canadian Confederation – Canada 150 – Tim Hortons® can now be experienced by Brits who will enjoy custom-made orders, and friendly, speedy service, all with a large side of Canadian warmth. At the very heart of Tim Hortons® is a mission to make a true difference in the communities it serves, achieved through local initiatives that will be extended into Great Britain.

In Great Britain stores, Tim Hortons will offer its signature freshly brewed drip coffee: medium roast guaranteed to be served no more than 20 minutes after brewing. Only three people in the universe know the secret recipe for the Tim Hortons® Original Blend coffee, and its expert Coffee Masters in Canada sample over 75,000 cups of coffee per year to ensure continuity of quality. The coffee beans are sourced from the world’s top coffee growing countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and Honduras. Tim Hortons® supports these regions through The Tim Hortons Coffee Partnership that provides small-scale coffee farmers with tools and resources to increase the productivity of their farms and the quality of their beans in a sustainable way.

Taking the hassle out of ordering on the go, each Guest’s coffee drink will be freshly brewed and prepared with the Guest’s choice of milk, cream and sugar. Brits are also invited to taste the Tim Hortons® signature “Double-Double™” coffee, a coffee served with two creams and two sugars done the Tim Hortons® way, just as the Canadians like it. There will also be an extensive menu of other drinks such as delicious espresso-based beverages, smoothies, hot chocolate, French Vanilla and the classic frozen Iced Capp®.

Tim Hortons UK food offering will include breakfast, lunch and baked goods, with options ranging from bagels to soups, chilli, toasties and wraps with a side of warm Kettle Chips. Guests can also look forward to the coffee shops’ signature Timbits® bite-sized doughnuts, which come in a variety of flavours such as chocolate glazed, birthday cake and strawberry filled, while other baked goods include fresh baked muffins and cookies.

“We witnessed Tim Hortons phenomenal success in Canada, we wanted to replicate this in Great Britain,” says Gurprit Dhaliwal, COO of Tim Hortons UK and Ireland LTD. “It’s hard to explain just how important Tim Hortons® is to Canadians – it’s not just a restaurant, it’s a way of life and a place of home, and we’re positive Great Britain will fall in love the brand.”

Elías Díaz Sesé, president, Tim Hortons® brand says, “Bringing Tim Hortons® to Great Britain and Glasgow, is something we’re really excited about. Great Britain is a nation of coffee lovers, so we’re confident Tim Hortons® will continue to be a leader in the quick service restaurant sector across the pond.”

Tim Hortons® will open on Argyle Street, Glasgow in early May. Additional locations will be announced in select cities across Great Britain later in 2017.

For further information please see www.timhortons.com

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