Kopparberg special edition Kopparbeards for bottles

Swedish fruit cider brand, Kopparberg, has given its bottles of fruit cider an extra dash of Swedish style this winter, by adding detachable ‘beards’ to bottles of its new Spiced Apple variety. Available exclusively to Kopparberg fans via a social media competition, the beards are designed to fall over the face of drinkers as they enjoy the cider.

Kopparberg special edition – the low-down

Drinkers can choose from a grizzly grey handle bar beard, a thick red beard, a full-bodied black beard and a bushy brown beard.

The beards can be worn in two ways, one to give Kopparberg bottles a warming beard whilst being held, the other as a facial disguise.

All the customers need to do is simply place the Kopparbeard around a bottle of Kopparberg to give it a stylish Swedish twist.

Handmade from leather and faux fur, the beards fit snugly around the bottleneck, meaning when the bottle is lifted to take a sip of Spiced Apple cider, the beard falls down to cover the drinkers face.

Every beard is a unique design, showcasing the full spectrum of Scandinavian facial fuzz styles.

To win a beard, Kopparberg is challenging fans to send in their best ‘beardies’ (a ‘selifie’ photo with a Kopparbeard or one they have made at home) via Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #Kopparbeards.

All Kopparberg ciders are brewed in the town of Kopparberg in Sweden, and Spiced Apple is the first variety available in the UK designed to be enjoyed warm or chilled.

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