Incorporating pastel colours into your kitchen

Pastel colours have come back onto the interior design scene with a bang and their presence looks set to stay.  Traditionally reserved for spaces such as the bedroom, pastel colours are now becoming much more prominent throughout the home, featuring heavily in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms too.

If you want to take your first step onto the pastel ladder but you’re struggling to find your footing, the team over at FourWalls have come armed with some pointers – starting with your kitchen.

1. Slow and steady wins the race


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If you’re worried about going overboard and putting yourself off pastels for life, test the water with a few kitchen utensils first. From whisks, chopping boards and mixing bowls, to biscuit tins, condiment cases and fruit bowls, there’s not much you can’t find pastel-ised out there. If you like the look and feel of these smaller, easily reversible changes, then you can look into making bigger, bolder alterations to your kitchen.
2. Baby steps

smeg fridge

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Once you’re confident your newfound passion for pastel is here to stay, you can then look into investing into larger, more prominent items, such as your fridge or freezer. Remember though, these are all costly items, so make sure you’re 100% pro-pastel before you go out and splash the cash.
3. Pull up a pew

kitchen table

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If you’ve reached the stage where you’re happily at one with your inner-pastel, pull up a pew and tuck into your tea around your very own pastel dining set. If your current set is made from wood, you don’t necessarily need to go out and buy new tables and chairs – you could simply give what you’ve already got a fresh lick of pastel paint.
4. True passion for pastel

kitchen 2

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So, you’ve invested in a pastel fridge, dining set and utensils – still want more? Well then, grab your overalls, pick your favoured pastel colour and give your walls a make-over. You might want to jump straight in and paint your whole kitchen, but if you’re still a bit tentative, why not experiment with a single pastel feature wall to start off with?

Why stop there? If you’ve found yourself heading up the pastel fan club, you could even revamp your cupboard doors, too.

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