In the Spotlight: Kez Richards From Coupon Mama UK

Each month we’re putting the spotlight on well-known writers, bloggers, editors and content creators from around the world. Today we chat to Kez Richards. Kez Richards is a money saving blogger at who started helping people be savvy with their cash after discovering the wonderful world of coupons and freebies. Since starting her Facebook page in April of 2014 she has quickly gained 26K followers whom she helps out on a daily basis with coupons, deals , freebies and money saving tips.


You’ve had some brilliant success lately with your money saving blog and facebook page. How did it all come about?

Thanks Becky, It all started back in 2013, I watched a U.S show called Extreme Couponing. I couldn’t believe how these people were getting their huge grocery shops for only a few cents or sometimes even free! They had these massive stockpiles and even whole rooms full with all their free shopping. At the time I had just had my second child and although my partner was working full time, money was still tight so after watching the show I hunted around online for UK coupons and soon found there were quite a few I could simply print off! All my friends and family were so shocked when I did my first coupon shop and ended up paying just 22p for £140 worth of groceries.I decided to set up my facebook page to help more people save money and I have met some amazing people along the way.

How can our readers get started with saving themselves money like you do? Do you have any top tips for complete beginners?

Sure, my top tips are: Be organised keep all your coupons in a folder and arrange them in order of when they will expire, use MySupermarket to find out where you can get your shopping the cheapest. Use cashback apps like TopCashback everytime you shop online. I save up all my cashback throughout the year and use it towards my Christmas shop. I also have a full list of all the latest coupons here and I also wrote a whole couponing for beginners guide here. Hope that helps.

The Summer holidays are coming up soon. What are your suggestions for frugal family fun?

I absolutely love Geocaching. Most people have no idea what I’m talking about when I bring this up, but it’s so addictive and the best part is it’s free! It’s basically treasure hunting but for the whole family. All over the world there are hidden boxes with all sorts of bits and bobs inside and when you find one you can add something to it and sign the notebook to say who you are and when you found it. The app has GPS so it navigates you to the nearest hidden boxes in your area. There are sometimes riddles and quizzes you need to solve to find them too. you can always take a picnic too but don’t forget to use your coupons!

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