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The Big Issue is launching a new fashion brand, #WEARABIGISSUE, on May 8th via their new online shop The limited edition collection asks the public to put their money where their mouth is by buying a T-shirt to support a world issue.

big issue

With a blank T-shirt as their canvas and ‘Big Issue’ as their brief, many artists such as Paul Insect, Hayden Kays and Mau Mau have got involved, designing prints on themes including ocean pollution, gentrification, sex workers and climate change.

Fashion photographer Marc Hayden (Wonderland and VOGUE ITALIA) shot the promo images for the campaign having been previously worked with brands such as Reebok, Diesel and Men’s Health.

Artist Hayden Kays, whose design tackles mental health, said:

“I hope this T-shirt will start a conversation about mental health that otherwise may have gone unsaid. The mind is the most beautiful, powerful, yet dangerously fragile thing we all own. So we must look after our own and each others. I hope (my design) represents the trembling tightrope we all walk between being mentally well and mentally unwell.”

Creative agency +rehabstudio concepted the idea of the range and created the branding for #WEARABIGISSUE as part of their regular Hackweeks, which look to find ways to hack advertising and engage young consumers.

“T-shirts have been a statement of change for generations.” said +rehabstudio Managing Director Rob Bennett.

“We’re very focused on creating digital utility for brands and creating intimate relationships between brands and consumers because we believe that what you mean to an individual is more important than what you mean to a crowd. So we wanted to create a campaign for THE BIG ISSUE that draws upon wearable and sharable political and fashion statements.”

Managing Director of THE BIG ISSUE, Russell Blackman stated:

”We are delighted to be working with some of the most respected street artists in the UK for our #WEARABIGISSUE exclusive T-shirt range, available at The Big Issue Shop. There is plenty of change coming in the UK and people have a lot on their mind. This limited edition #WEARABIGISSUE range of garments will allow people to share what they feel passionate about and the change they want to see.

The recently launched The Big Issue Shop offers a platform for social trading that will make social and ethical shopping a truly accessible option for consumers, giving them the opportunity to use their spending power to make a positive difference to the world we live in. The Big Issue shop sells its own branded products as well as those from other Social businesses meaning, every item you buy has a positive social outcome. This could be through what the product is made from, who it is made by or where the profits end up. We are calling this ‘shopping with a social echo’. Every purchase through The Big Issue Shop puts people and planet first”

The Big Issue Shop is open now! Socially conscious shoppers can browse and buy.

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