Autumnal Skin And Hair Care Picks from MONAT


Since its launch in October 2014, MONAT has established itself as a revolutionary haircare line that beautifully unites the best of both nature and science, combining high-grade botanicals and natural oils with the latest scientific technologies and clinically proven proprietary patents. This thoughtful combination of science and nature allows MONAT to provide a unique experience in ageing management, whilst being 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

MONAT’s commitment to excellence in the vegan anti-ageing beauty space is now marked by the introduction of MONAT Skincare. The move is the natural next step for MONAT, who have always approached improving hair health with a based-onnature, backed-by-science philosophy. MONAT’s proprietary REJUVENIQUE S™ oil complex has played a pivotal part in the brand’s new expansion and features heavily throughout the skincare line.

Comprising 17 natural oils highly compatible with skincare and hair, REJUVENIQUE S™ is rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants and nutrients, offering unparalleled and multifunctional beautifying benefits.


MONAT products I’m loving this month

MONAT BE GENTLE™ Nourishing Moisturizer (£64) – A rich, calming, ultra-hydrating cream that helps to renew, plump and nourish skin. Contains peptides to tighten and plump, whilst plant stem cells strengthen and protect for youthful firmness and bounce. Moisture magnet hyaluronic acid works together with REJUVENIQE S™ and a ginger root-and-bisabolol soothing complex to reveal a soft, smooth, glowing complexion.

This is a fantastic lightweight moisturiser for the colder months. Hydrating, plumping and light enough to absorb easily into the skin without any greasy residue. It won’t cause breakouts and is the perfect choice for those with slightly more sensitive skin. 

MONAT BE GENTLE™ Creamy Cleanser (£42) – A delicate cream cleanser that gently lifts and washes away dirt and impurities whilst peptides tighten and plump. Hydrating and nourishing RREJUVENIQE S™ and a ginger rootand- bisabolol soothing complex ensure skin is left feeling refreshed, comforted and healthy-looking.

I keep this cleanser in the bathroom and reach for it regularly. The formula is light and creamy on the skin and is perfect for those days when you need something quick, easy and effective. Gorgeous packaging too! 


MONAT also have a wonderful range of volumising hair care products. I’ve been speaking a lot about my favourite hair care lately so these definitely deserved a mention too. Their Revitalize conditioner and Revive shampoo work perfectly together to give your hair an extra pick-me-up when it feels dull and lifeless.

Perfect for those who need a little extra bounce to their fine or flyaway hair as we move towards the colder months which can often cause damage and breakage. MONAT® is available to buy from and MONAT Market Partners nationwide.



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