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Adult Crackers

Crackers are one of the staples of Christmas dinner, everyone loves a paper hat and a plastic novelty!!, but if you are looking for a bit of a game changer this year why not pick up a set of Drinks by the Dram crackers – these boozy crackers fit in on any Christmas dining table and still contain the same party hat and a crap joke (their words not mine) but have an added bonus of a 3cl dram to really get the party started.

Each pack contains 6 crackers with the following contents:

– Bathtub Gin
– Arran – Batch 3 (That Boutique-y Whisky Company)
– Rumbullion!
– Bathtub Gin – Sloe Gin 2014
– Smooth Ambler Old Scout 7 Year Old Bourbon
– Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s Cherry Brandy 2014

We think these are a real winner and we cannot wait for Christmas Day.

Pick up your’s here:

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