6 Small And Simple Eco Friendly Changes With A Big Impact

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As we all navigate our way through the tough times of covid-19 and lockdown, it seems to be giving people time to think about the important things in life. Personally I’m thanking my lucky stars for friends and family right now and won’t be taking them for granted. I’ve also been thinking a lot about our environment and how our climate may have been changed and affected by this. Here are a few small ways I have started to think about eco friendly changes I can personally make. Some of these I’ve already been doing for quite a while now, whilst others I am just starting to implement. 

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Cut down on plastic – cutting down on single use plastic has to be one of the biggest changes I’ve made recently. I try to shop more consciously and responsibly. I’m always on the lookout for items with less plastic packaging. I also try to buy refillable products and I do wish that more brands would provide a refillable option as standard. Things such as hand-wash, shampoo and conditioner bottles are so easy to refill. There are also some wonderful little farm shops here in Somerset where I can buy dry ingredients to stock up our glass jars in our kitchen with fresh produce and no extra packaging. 


Running my etsy store and looking at sustainable packaging – regular readers will know that I also run an Etsy store. We make and sell sweet little handmade cards and notes from our small seaside town. It’s a totally family run shop, with everyone pitching in to help with designing and packing during busier periods. 


I am currently looking into ways to reduce plastic in our packaging and Lil Packaging has some fantastic options for small businesses and corporate brands. Their packaging looks sturdy, well priced and is eco friendly. A great place to start if you are looking to make your packaging kinder to the environment!


Eco friendly cleaning supplies – I have spoken a lot about eco friendly cleaning supplies and how I’m keen to make the switch from harsh and often unnecessary chemicals to natural products. I am passionate about discovering and trialling new brands that are actively making an effort to produce cleaning supplies that are both effective and kinder to our environment. 


Waste and Water Use – composting is a great way to ensure that nothing goes to waste. You can purchase or make your own compost bins and the fertilizer produced from peelings and eggshells is fantastic for your flower beds or veggie patch. A water butt is a great addition to any garden and makes a quick and easy way to water your plants each day!


Solar powered lighting for gardens – we are currently having our garden renovated (I’ll post more about this soon as there’s a lot going on and I definitely want to share the journey with you all!) and are looking at solar powered lighting to create a great atmosphere without using electricity. You can find some really modern and bright solar lights now and one day we would even love to have solar panels put onto our roof. 


Weekly meal planning –  planning your meals for the week ahead is a great way to ensure that you are only buying what you genuinely want and need. I’ve spoken about my quick and easy side dishes here and meal prep and planning has become a big part of our busy lifestyle. 


I love that we know what items we all need and although we often find we have to pop out and pick up the odd few items here and there, it keeps waste as low as possible. Prepping some meals and having them on hand in the fridge takes away some of that temptation to go out and buy extra food and drink, or a takeaway with lots of plastic packaging. 


Hopefully some of these things have been helpful. I would love to hear what small changes you are also making and how you are all doing right now. Drop me a line in the comments below or over on Instagram: @lifestylelinked and we can chat! 


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