12 Beautiful Spring Home Decor Trends

Spring’s in full swing. If your home’s not yet in sync with the season, then we’ve got you covered – without setting your bank balance into minus figures.

Check out our spring-inspired home decor list for inspiration on how you can add subtle seasonal trends into your home.

white walls

1. White glorious white

People are often afraid of using white for fear of being bland, but accentuated with bold touches it provides a striking backdrop. Added bonus: white gives off the illusion of creating more space, too.


2. Enter rattan

Perhaps not a material familiar to most, rattan furniture is made from jointed palm stems. From bed backboards, chairs, shelves and coffee tables, there’s not much rattan can’t do.


3. Pretty pastels

Whether it’s duck egg blue, lovely lavender or blush pink, pick some pastel pieces to dart around your home. Cushions, rugs, mugs, placemats, coasters, throws, plant pots, picture frames, lamp shades, candles, ornaments (you get the gist)…you can pastelise almost anything. Etsy have some amazing options that you totally need to check out!


4. Structured lighting

Throw some shapes after dark by adding in some structural lighting fixtures. Whether it’s grids, horizontal bars or circles, take your pick from a range of fitting styles, shapes and colours.


5. Open shelving

The key benefits are threefold: you’ll save on storage space, create a feature piece and open up the room(s) in question by ridding yourself of clunky cupboard doors.

neon light

6. The return of neon

Neon’s back in business. Try to steer clear of being tacky by avoiding over-the-top bright colours, and opt for gentle, subtle options instead – pastel, perhaps. The beauty of this option is the penalisation – you can choose whatever message, colour or shape reflects your style best.

gold lamp

7. Mix up your metals

Silver’s often a staple colour, so why not mix it up this spring? Consider updating some of your silver touches to brass or gold. Easy targets might be vases, gold lamps, frames, handles or candle stands.

flowers for home

8. Fill up on flowers

You’re no doubt sick of seeing this one in every spring-inspired piece, but that’s because it’s true! Spread some flowers around frequently used rooms to instantly add a touch of freshness, outdoors and colour into your home.


9. Botanical prints

We just mentioned flowers, but for those that aren’t made for giving their greenery regular TLC, why not buy botanical prints instead? They’ll last longer, don’t need looking after and the choices are endless.


10. Cork-it-up

When’s the last time cork took the limelight in your home? A while ago, we’re guessing. Cork accessories – like placemats, coasters and boxes – are a great way to bring elements of the outdoors, indoors.


11. Go big or go home

We’ve touched upon blooms and botanical prints, but for those brave enough, go the whole shebang and invest in a large, eye-grabbing indoor plant – real of fake. Based in a chunky brass pot, it’ll set you up with an enviable spring feature piece.


12. Bring butterflies back

Butterflies are beginning to flutter their way back onto the home decor scene, and boy are they doing it with a bang! From ornaments, paintings, wall prints, cushion cases and duvet covers, the elegant beauties can settle into almost every element of your home.

butterfly pillow

This Kyasha butterflies cushion from www.Arthouse.com is priced at £21.99 and would make a stylish addition to your home this season!

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